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Our Technology
Alternative Fuel System Engineering

– Full OBDII Scantool Ready ECM – Uses standard OBDII Scanner for Diagnostics and Data Streaming.
- 32bit ECM For Faster Processing
- Cutting Edge Fuel Injection Systems
- Plug and Play OBD Compliant
- High Performance Engineering up to 1200 HP
- Patented Technology

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How does Bi-Fuel Work?
Bi-Fuel CNG and LPG Conversion Systems

Bi-Fuel CNG and LPG Conversion systems use the Alternative Fuel as the primary fuel. It will start and operate on the Alternative Fuel until it runs empty or discovers a problem. It then shuts off the Alternative Fuel and reverts back to Gasoline. This transition takes place automatically and can change while driving.

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AutoGas America Provides the following engineering services:

Auto Gas America offers custom Alternative Fuel system engineering, services, testing, and certification. Services provided include all development, testing, and support of EPA, CARB or EU Certification Standards.We dedicate ourselves to creating technology that will make your Alternative Fuels transition seamless. Our Dedicated and Bi-Fuel Systems exceed the Gasoline Standard and are tested to outperform the competitors.

EPA Certified

Bi-Fuel Natural Gas Conversion Systems with SAFE DRIVE NGV™ Technology